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Server Information

  • Episode: 15 ~ The Arunafeltz States
  • Pre - Renewal
  • Classic GamePlay
  • Server Rate: X7/X7
  • Transcendent Server
  • Max Base/Job Level: 99/70
  • Max Stats: 99
  • Guild Capacity: 36/36
  • Normal Drop Rate: X3
  • Normal Card Drop Rate: X8
  • MvP Drop Rate: X1
  • MvP Card Drop Rate: X5

Account Commands

  • @noks - Toggles Kill Steal Protection.
  • @exp - Displays current levels and % progress.
Output Example:
Base Level: 13 (3.323%) | Job Level: 10 (0.000%)
  • @showmobs - Locates and displays the position of a certain mob on your mini-map. This shows up as a small white cross (+).
  • @whereis - Displays the maps in which monster normally spawns. This does not include mobs summoned by scripts.
  • @whodrops - Displays a list of mobs which drop the specified item. Only the highest drop rates are shown.
  • @jailtime - Displays remaining jail time. If @jail was used, the chat window will display "You have been jailed indefinitely".
  • @request - Sends a message to all connected GMs (via the GM whisper system).
  • @rates - Displays a list of mobs which drop the specified item. Only the highest drop rates are shown.
  • @refresh - Stops all weather effects. May require a map change or @refresh for the effect to stop client-side.
  • @time - Server Up-time: 3 days, 8 hours, 6 minutes, 4 seconds.
  • @hominfo - Displays homunculus stats in different formats.
  • @showexp - Toggles the display of experience gain messages.
  • @mobinfo - Displays monster information (rates, stats, drops, MVP data).
  • @qschecker - is a command used to apply all quest skills that you completed and lost the skill.

Emperium Breaker

  • @empbreaker - Display the rankings of players who always break the emperium.

Referral System

  • @refer - A command used to refer a friend and get 200 ROK Points.
  • @refer on - A command used to enable referral notification.
  • @refer off - A command used to disable referral notification.
  • @refer claim - A command used to claim the reward.
  • @refer status - A command used to check how many of your referred players are completed or still in progress.


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