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What is AFK System?

A system like Openkore AI without using 3rd party programs. The system works only if the client is open with a character logged in. Due to release of Ragnarok Mobile with autoattack system, we decided to create something unique in the PC version. This feature can be used on monster only and not allowed to target players.

  • Allow you to set lock map.
  • Allow you to use skill in monster even on it self.
  • Allow character to normal attack.
  • Allow character to use potion when HP/SP goes down.
  • Allow you to choose what monster to kill.
  • Allow you to set items to pickup.

Who can use it?

All players in the server can use the system even of he/she is premium user or not. We just added other features that only premium user can access.


@afk - a command use to on and off instead of going in the webpanel configuration. But it requires that you need to configure it first before using the command.

@afkghost - a command that same to @afk details. It will run the afk system while your client is closed and you can only run it for 3 hours then after that character will be disconnected.

Fatigue System

All characters has 3 hour fatigue each day and reset every 12:10 of the Midnight. Once this fatigue already reached to 0% character experience and drop rate will be affect and deducted by 50%.

How to configure?

Step 1: Login to and click the account button.

Step1 afk.png

Step 2: Click the Dashboard and it will show a dropdown then click Accounts under Managements.

Step2 afk.png

Step 3: After that, it will show you the accounts linked to your email with their Statistic button on the right side. Click it and it will redirect you to another page.

Step3 afk.png

Step 4: Now on this page, it shows you the account characters and click the name for you to show the character details etc.

Step4 afk.png

Step 5: You are now on the character page where you can see a button named AFK Configuration. You just need to click it to show your the configuration of the AFK System.

Step5 afk.png



  • Normal Attack - Allowing your character to normal attack the monster target.
  • Random Walk - Allowing your character to create a random walk.
  • Teleport Search - Allowing your character to use teleport skill or fly wing when there is no target.
  • Teleport when Sit HP is low - Use teleport or fly wing when hp goes down.
  • Teleport when Sit SP is low - Use teleport or fly wing when sp goes down.
  • Pickup the items even there's a target - A looting priority setting.
  • Use potion when HP - % of HP when to use the potions.
  • Use potion when SP - % of SP when to use the potions.
  • Enable Auto Storage - Allowing you to show the other config for auto storage. (Non-Premium account will need 1 Kafra Card every time it needs to open the storage.)

Skill Management

  • Level - The level of your skill you are going to use. You can set default to use the maximum level of your skill.
  • Target MobID - The monster id where you will use the skill. You can set Default as disable or All to use the skill in all monsters in the target list.
  • Target Player - The type of player who can receive the self or support skill.
  • Distance 1 - The minimum distance of skill when to trigger skill. It should be less than distance 1.
  • Distance 2 - The maximum distance of skill when to trigger skill. It should be greater than distance 1.
  • Skill Timeout - The timeout of skill after using it. Example you put it as 3, there will be a 3 seconds interval before you can reused the skill.

Item Usable Management

  • HP Recovery - The item will be used when your hp is lower than your "Use potion when HP" percentage.
  • SP Recovery - The item will be used when your sp is lower than your "Use potion when SP" percentage.
  • When Needed - The item will be used when the system detects that its really need to use the item.

Not Allowed in the Map Listed

  • b_server01
  • b_server02
  • b_server03
  • b_server04
  • b_server05
  • new_1-1
  • abbey02
  • abbey03
  • abyss_03
  • ama_dun03
  • anthell02
  • ayo_dun02
  • beach_dun
  • bra_dun02
  • ein_dun02
  • gef_dun01
  • gef_dun02
  • gef_fild02
  • gef_fild10
  • gef_fild14
  • gl_chyard
  • gon_dun03
  • in_sphinx5
  • jupe_core
  • kh_dun02
  • lhz_dun02
  • lhz_dun03
  • lou_dun03
  • mjolnir_04
  • moc_fild17
  • moc_fild21
  • moc_fild22
  • moc_pryd04
  • moc_pryd06
  • mosk_dun03
  • niflheim
  • odin_tem03
  • pay_dun04
  • pay_fild04
  • pay_fild11
  • prt_maze03
  • prt_sewb4
  • ra_fild02
  • ra_fild03
  • ra_fild04
  • ra_san05
  • thor_v03
  • treasure01
  • treasure02
  • tur_dun04
  • ve_fild01
  • ve_fild02
  • xmas_dun02
  • xmas_fild01
  • yuno_fild03