Premium System

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In Game Benefits

  • Increase storage slot by 300.
  • Increase base/job experience by 100%.
  • Experience penalty will be set to 1%.
  • Zeny penalty will be set to 0.
  • Experience Manual increased by 50%.
  • Increase drop rate by 100%.
  • Increase party experience bonus by 25%.
  • Added 50% discount in the Healer.
  • Additional 2 Badge in the Battleground.

AFK System Benefits

  • Can set monsters to attack up to 15.
  • Can set items to manage up to 15.
  • Can set skills to use up to 15.
  • Can set usable items to use up to 15.
  • Can set Lock Map to avoid teleported to portals.
  • Can use store configuration without using Kafra Card.
  • Can set to attack all monsters without filtering.
  • Can set change arrow depends on the monster element.
  • You can do @afkghost for 6 hours.

Note: Usage of Premium Voucher [30 Days] will receive a monthly headgear or costume.